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About us

Cavendish Cardio originated from a business that was started in 2005 with husband and wife partnership David and Heidi Vincent. David was self employed in the home improvement business and Heidi worked in retail management. Although already successful we were still looking for a new challenge. In 2002 we were introduced to a natural health product that started us on a new pathway. Over the next 2 years many changes took place.
We researched, studied and absorbed information regarding the benefits of the amino acid L’Arginine, before sourcing the best L’Arginine product available.
David and I had always taken a keen interest in health and fitness and found the research fascinating.
As we started to spread the word about this scientific breakthrough we were introduced to pulse wave analysis. This was a way of assessing an individuals cardiovascular health.

We started building the business in our local area. We kept things simple, Test, offer a solution and re-test.

As the business was so portable we began with friends and family members, testing in people’s houses, before expanding into larger establishments such as gyms and health centres, anywhere groups of people could gather.

Within the last eight years we have built strong customer relationships,as a result of recommendations from our customers that we service and supply product too throughout the UK, and now have customers in Europe, South Africa,Australia & China. In 2009 we decided to have our own product formulated Cardio flow by Ph.D Chief Chemist Mr Clive Spray, who has now become a great friend.
to be continued...

Kind regards - Heidi Vincent