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This area of our website is written by our customers for our customers. Find out how L’Arginine has improved their health, arterial test experiences and the service received.

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"Over a period of about two to three years now, we have derived excellent benefits from taking L-Arginine supplementation.
The first noticeable benefit for myself was with improved sleep patterns being a sufferer of sleep apnoea. This I believe to be as a result of increased lung efficiency because of the beneficial work of the nitric oxide derived from L-Arginine. Every day now, more and more scientific papers are being released on both the amino acid L-Arginine and its derived signal molecule NO.
Just lately we have joined the gym and started taking our diets much more seriously.
The regular monthly order is a very convenient way to have products delivered.
The cardio test is we believe a great breakthrough in diagnosis of cardiovascular screening. The results as shown by age are easy to understand. You know your on the right track when as a 52 year old ( as an example! ) you can reduce your cv age from 98 to that of a 42 year old.
So once again, a big thanks for putting us on the right track as far as products and screening and wish you every success in your quest to raising awareness in this vital area of health".

Jon and Clare - Wales

"Recommended to me by a friend, I found my first appointment and test a very pleasant and rewarding experience.David and Heidi give 100% and their service is excellent.

After years of severe and worsening angina,3 months treatment have resulted in lessening of symptoms and increased energy and stamina. I am looking forward to increasing benefits over the next 6 months to a year."

D. H - East Sussex

"I Saw your advert in a local magazine,it prompted me to make an appointment.
When I arrived the next day I was impressed by the friendly greeting of David and his wife.
I found the test to be quick and painless and it has given me peace of mind."
Yours Sincerely

N. F - Eastbourne

"After having problems with high blood pressure for years, I decided to have a check at Cavendish Cardio to ascertain the condition of my Arteries and found that they were the age of a 104 year old! (I'm only 63!) Started to take Arginine in February 2005 and had a further check up in May to find the Arteries were now of a 54 year old. Still taking tablets to control the Blood Pressure but now only on 1 tablet a day instead of 3 and feel great."

David F - Eastbourne

"My blood pressure & cholesterol are good as a result of the daily prescribed medication consequent to my stroke in May 2004.
However, the arterial stiffness test showed that my arteries have deteriorated.
I am also aware that both my mother & grandmother died young from heart problems,my brother (2 years older at 72) had a triple bypass in 2006.
I will therefore pledge myself to take L-Arginine, have joined Curves(Jan 2007) and look forward to the test in 3 months time.I appreciate the chance to talk about this and the planning and changes that resulted".

V. C - East Sussex

19/10/07 "I am delighted to say that after taking my L-Arginine conscientiously & regularly using Curves the state of my arteries are much improved. Thus not only has the deterioration been halted which would be good in itself but a clear & positive improvement has been noted".

V. C - East Sussex

"I just wanted to write you a quick line to say thank you. Jonathan tells me he is already feeling the benefits of the medication you gave him. He has also been taking some CQ10 capsules (mine) and says for the first time in as long as he can remember he woke up this morning and his legs did not ache. He had a very long day in Romania today on a golf course walked for miles in the heat and this evening for the first time again in a long time he did not have to rest with his feet up the wall. Just wanted you to know. It was nice meeting you and we will be in touch. He is home on 17 June I think and hopefully he will have time to touch base with you then. Thanks again".

Lynda. S. F. - East Sussex